About Us


Hydro-lite Hydroponics was established in 2001 with a mission to provide expert advice, educate and supply the largest inventory of professional equipment for indoor and outdoor gardeners in Alberta.

Hydro-lite has been locally owned and operated by Mario Giannini and Cynthia Cairns for 25 years. 

Hydro-lite expanded to a second location on the Southside in 2017 and the third location on the Westside in 2021 to serve our customers even better. 


With our true passion for hydroponics and gardening, we are open 7 days a week.  No matter what you are gardening, we strive to serve our customers to maximize their results and overall experience.  With the hydroponic industry taking a front seat, we want to provide that one-on-one service with expert knowledge and advice every time to every customer. Our reputation is based on your growing success.

Great Knowledge. Great Advice. Great Products. Great Price.

Owner & Master Grower

Mario Giannini has been growing for 25 years indoors and out.  He has grown many different plants specializing in cannabis production.  Mario knows what tools and advance equipment needed to elevate his and others like him to maximize their resultsMario has many years of building large production facilities and using many different nutrients through his decades of growing.  He has been sharing  with other growers & customers like himself everyday.  


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